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Your pastor spends countless hours creating weekly sermons for your congregation – but your church’s video sermons are promptly forgotten in the eyes of Google and its users.

Paired with your sermon videos, the SVL creates a powerful SEO content engine that makes your sermons findable in Google, boosts the performance of your Google Grant, and extends the lifespan of your pastor’s messages, in turn, building a legacy with their voice.

People are seeking answers that your sermons provide, but with your current video approach, they can’t find your sermons online. The Sermon Video Library coupled with a Google Ad Grant Campaign makes your sermons findable in Google by people who need them when searching for answers to questions about marriage, divorce, parenting, finance, mental health, and many other felt-need topics that you preach about in your Sermons.

The Highlights

Sermon Video Library Features

Visibility in Google

When it comes to optimizing your church website for search engines, content is king! But finding someone to write endless blog posts is a difficult undertaking, especially given that your most powerful content generator (your pastor) is already turning out valuable content every single week. With the SVL, we’ll assign the all-important SEO metadata and transcription to your sermons, making them visible in Google search results for searches related to your message.


Legacy Building Results

It’s most likely that the bulk of your church’s sermon views happen in the single week following their recording. Imagine all that time and energy a pastor puts into the sermon message, only to have it virtually disappear from the eyes and ears of those who need to hear it across any given time of year. Using the SVL, your church’s sermons are findable in both organic and paid Google search results without any limitations on timing. This means that someone searching Google for a felt need related to one of your sermons can actually happen upon your sermon in search results, for weeks, months, and even years beyond its creation date, building a true legacy for your pastor’s voice.


Powerful Synergy with the Google Ad Grant

Spreading the hope, faith, and love of Jesus is the calling of your church. Making sure that message is findable by people searching for answers online is our obsession. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process we deploy with the Sermon Video Library leverages your existing sermon content into a wealth of high quality landing pages for use by your Google Ad Grant, helping you extract maximum value.


But There’s More…

Superior SEO

Before - Sermons Are Not Found
Your sermons can't be found in Google searches
After - Semons Are Found in Google
Churchless people find your sermons in Google

Netflix-like Experience

Before - Visitors Bounce
Visitors leave your site without viewing videos (bounce)
After - Visitors Stay
New visitors view more of your sermon videos

Local Authority

Before - Local Churchless People Don't Know Your Church
Local churchless people don't know your church
After - Your Church Gains Local Authority
Your church earns recognition as a local authority on Biblical answers to life's questions

How It Works

Want to know what happens to your sermon videos that are processed by the Sermon Video Library? The infographic below takes you step-by-step through the process of a new sermon video entering the library, including the work performed during SEO Transcription.

Our sermon video processing steps

Your Guide

With 10 years experience as a Communication Director in a mega church, Jason Hamrock understands how hard it is to grow a church that earns recognition as a local authority on Biblical answers to life's challenges. He regards people who work in ministry as the real heroes.

As CEO of Missional Marketing, Jason’s deepest desire is to help your church get Jesus’s transformative message out to people who are searching online for answers. He wants to help your church be a local authority that provides Biblical answers to people in need.

Jason’s team has generated tens of millions of visits to church websites. His clients include hundreds of churches ranging from small churches in small towns, to the largest churches in America.

The Sermon Video Library is a great passion of Jason's because he is deeply moved by the impact of people viewing your church’s life changing sermon videos when they need Jesus the most.

Your Guide: Jason Hamrock
Jason Hamrock
CEO Missional Marketing