Posting sermon videos online is important in today’s internet culture. Let’s face it. The internet is part of our daily lives, but, for many, church is not. As technology changes the way we listen and view the world around us, it also affects the ways we learn about God. Those churches willing to embrace technology by taking steps like posting their sermon videos online will position themselves for church growth for years to come. But, those churches unwilling to embrace new online technologies will eventually find themselves struggling with shrinking attendance and community influence.

Here are 4 reasons your church should consider posting their sermon videos online: 


1. Helps People Within Your Church

An online sermon video library is helpful for your church members. Regular attenders can listen to messages they may have missed or find specific sermons that resonated with their needs. An online video sermon library also gives congregants a chance to find sermons that connect with ongoing spiritual questions and concerns.

2. Enables People in Church to Share Sermons Easily

Social media has become a powerful tool for sharing God’s Word online. It is common and acceptable for people to share funny and meaningful videos on social media – this includes sermons. With online sermon videos, you enable people in the church to share sermons easily with their friends and followers. It makes sharing their faith and church easier. Each time a sermon video is shared, you increase your audience (both online and in your church).

3. Sermon Videos Will Become More Useful Discipleship Tools

The Church Sermon Video Library platform allows your sermons to be categorized based on topic. This is essential when it comes to discipleship. Congregants will be able to search for sermon videos that discuss discipleship topics as needed. For example, if a small group or Bible study is looking into marriage, then they can easily access sermon videos on this topic. Video sermons can also help people all over the world. The internet gives any individual the chance to search for sermons on specific  topics and learn from a sermon video from your church.

4. Google Will Send More People to Your Website

The Church Sermon Video Library is more than a simple video uploading program. It also places special focus on SEO keywords in your sermons. SEO stands for search engine optimization, which means making your website noticeable to Google, so it ranks higher in searches. This means your sermons will be transcribed with search keywords highlighted and summarized with a keyword rich description so that Google will send more people to your website. The more people visiting your site, the higher the chance these individuals will attend your church on a Sunday morning.

If your church is ready to utilize the power of the internet to reach a wider audience, consider using the Church Video Sermon Library from Missional Marketing.