Posting Christian sermons online may be the key for your church’s future growth. The average American spends 12 hours a day consuming media. This number continues to increase every year. During this time users are exposed to over 5,000 ads. Imagine how many messages a person hears throughout the day. Today, there is an ongoing battle for the attention of every consumer. Companies want you to know their product will change your life, make you happy, and help you fulfill your destiny. And the internet is not going away. In fact the number of websites on the internet continues to  grow by the minute. Businesses are clamoring to increase their online presence.

The Internet and the Church

Those churches actively engaging with individuals online are prepared for future growth. The internet represents the single greatest evangelistic opportunity of the 21st century. Everyday millions of people are searching online for answers to life’s deepest questions. But, unfortunately, their Google results do not direct them to the local church. Google does not direct searching souls to the local church because many churches are not improving their online presence.

Hopefully, your church is already taking steps to improve your online presence. This happens when you update your website for search engine optimization. Your website should also be built around keywords. Your church should also have a blog and begin making use of social media. But, if you’re really looking to improve your church’s search engine optimization and connect with people in your community and all over the world, consider sharing Christian sermons online.

Christian Sermons Online

Churches can improve their Google search results for years to come by posting their sermons online.  They increase a church’s online presence. Posting regular sermon videos shows your church is active and making a difference. It also gives people an opportunity to interact with your church. Sermon videos are also a powerful evangelistic tool. Congregants impacted by a Sunday sermon will have the power to share that sermon with their friends and family. On top of all this, posting sermon videos will improve a church’s ranking in Google.

If your church is looking to improve your online presence or considering new ways to share sermons videos, CLICK HERE. The experts at Missional Marketing would love to help your church impact your local community and the world.