When thinking about keys to future growth for the church, few would consider church media. But, we live in an increasingly digital world. Therefore, church media may be an essential puzzle piece for future church growth. Churches afraid of the digital world will struggle. These churches will eventually experience low attendance due to irrelevance. This exact scenario is happening everyday in the business world as those companies afraid of digital world eventually go bankrupt.

Church in the Digital Age 

Many brick and mortar companies are struggling while those companies embracing their online presence are growing. For example, companies like Blockbuster, Borders and Circuit City have closed while companies like Amazon are growing more than ever. The need to implement a digital strategy is an issue essential to discuss today. Every church should put time and effort into their online presence. Increasing online church media is a great way to improve your church’s online presence.

Church Media 

Increasing church media goes for beyond having a great website. Creating an effective church website is a great place to start, but it’s far from sufficient. Your church should have an online strategy that includes online ads, effective SEO, and increase church media creation. One of the best ways to create new church media is through sharing every Sunday sermon online.

Imagine a Netflix-like experience where every sermon is catalogued and ready to help those searching online for spiritual answers. This makes every sermon easily shareable for congregants and those searching online.

Typically sermons are listened to once, in person, and then seldom thought of again. But, sermons will live long after being preached through Missional Marketing’s Sermon Video Library makes every sermon matter long after  live. Pastors and church leaders will have the ability to share a previous sermon video with a person struggling with a specific issue. A church can also create a small groups series based on previous sermon series. The opportunities are endless to increase your online presence using the Sermon Video Library.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Sermon Video Library click here. Missional Marketing would love to help your church improve your online presence. If you’d like to learn more about Missional Marketing and all the ways we can help your church, click here.