Today, church media is so much more than fancy graphics and funny Sunday morning videos. Church media is a way for churches to communicate with the world through the many avenues of social media. Media represents your church’s voice in the online world. But, many churches are unsure how to effectively use media at all, let alone to use it to help grow their church.

Your Church’s Online Presence 

The best thing about the internet today is the ability to connect with people all over the world in an instant. This means anything your church shares online can easily be seen by individuals locally and even internationally. Social media makes it easy to share posts, pictures and videos. Church media represents your church’s voice in the world, but also the light of Jesus shining into the internet. The more your church actively shares online, the brighter the light of Jesus also shines online.

Media Can Help Grow Your Church

The more your church shares online, the more people will increase their awareness of your church. Increased church awareness will eventually turn into church attendance. Spiritually inquisitive individuals will begin hearing about your church on Facebook from their friends, through online advertisements, and through Google. Eventually, they’ll consider attending for the first time. In this way, church media can help grow your church.

Sermon Videos

One of the newest and most powerful forms of church media available today is the sermon video. Spiritually hungry people are searching online for great sermon videos. As your church begins recording and sharing their Sunday morning sermon videos, your church’s online exposure will increase dramatically. Therefore, the online experts at Missional Marketing have developed a Sermon Video Library that works just like Netflix. Each sermon is transcribed to Google can understand its contents. Then, each sermon is ascribed a keyword for search engine optimization. Together, these make your church’s sermon’s easily shareable and findable online.

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