Sharing is Caring

In today’s media-saturated world, sharing is caring. People create connection and community through sharing on social media. We share pictures, articles, personal stories and funny videos of cats. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter help individuals share their story with the world.

But, social media also has the power to be an evangelistic tool for the church. Therefore, as the online world grows, the church must develop new ways to share the message of Jesus with those searching online.

Wise church communication directors are finding ways to make the message of  the church as shareable online as possible. This includes Facebook video announcements or graphics with pertinent information regarding an upcoming youth trip. Easily shareable information is powerful and effective information. One of the most exciting and powerful new ways to share the message of Jesus online is through church sermon videos.

Church Sermon Videos 

Many churches today are recording a video of their sermon. But, unfortunately churches throw most sermon videos onto a forgettable webpage where the sermons are seldom seen again. Instead, imagine what would happen if sermon videos are added to an exciting, Netflix-like webpage where congregants can search and share sermon videos.

The good news is Missional Marketing has created a new product, ready to help church communication directors spread the message of the local church online. We have created a sermon video library. The sermon video library catalogs every one of your church sermon videos on a Netflix-like webpage. Each video is built around keywords and then transcribed for search engine optimization.

The Secret Weapon

Church sermon videos can easily become the church communication director’s secret weapon. Exciting and professional church sermon videos can be easily shared on Facebook. Congregants will be proud to share the most recent message from their church with friends and family. These videos can encourage individuals to invite neighbors to church.

Also, your church can add these same church sermon videos to weekly church e-mails, or other electronic communications. An upcoming e-mail can highlight an upcoming men’s retreat by encouraging individuals to watch a previous sermon about men.

Church Sermon Videos and Church Growth

Church sermon videos can also encourage church growth. Traditional sermon videos are nothing more than video, which Google has no way to understand. But, church sermon videos on Missional Marketing are transcribed and connected to keywords. This helps Google see the subject of each sermon video. Because of this, Google can connect those searching for help with depression to a sermon your pastor has given on that exact subject.

Google ads can also direct those searching to applicable sermons. For example, your church could create an ad to help those struggling with depression.  The ad could direct those searching to a sermon your pastor has given on the subject. Because the sermon will be relevant to the person searching, it will quickly build a higher Google Quality Score for your church’s website.

Church sermon videos may be the secret weapon your church communication director has been waiting for. These videos can easily unlock the power of social media. Church sermon videos can increase evangelism in your church and traffic to your church’s website.

If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to contact us. We’d love to find ways to help your church in every way possible.