Technology Matters More Than Ever

Church videos, like sermon videos, have the power to impact your  website SEO. In today’s digital world, technology matters more than ever for churches. Unfortunately, church attendance is dwindling, especially with millennials. However, this generation is extremely active online. This new digital culture means churches have the unique ability to reach people outside of their four walls – through the internet.

Those churches whom have begun video recording sermons and sharing them online are increasing their chances to stay relevant for years to come. Younger people may not simply attend a church near their house, but they will find church videos to watch and sermons to listen to online.

Church Videos Can Be Transcribed for Keyword Searches

Church videos can be transcribed into readable content. This action helps Google understand the nature of your church’s sermons. A sermon will then be tagged with specific keywords in order to better help Google understand the purpose of your church video. Google is always scouring the internet for the most relevant content for all kinds of keywords. This means your next sermon on prayer could be the key to helping all those people searching for “how to pray.” Or your sermon series on breaking bad habits could help all those searching for “breaking free from addiction.”

Relevant keywords will lead to more traffic to your website. Once Google recognizes your church website and as people search for relevant topics, you will begin to gain more traffic to your site. The more church videos you upload, the more likely it is Google will point internet users in your direction.

More Traffic Will Continue to Improve Your Church’s Search Rankings

As you gain more traffic from your church videos, your church website will improve in the search engine ranking page. Traditionally, the higher you are to the top of the search results page, the more people will visit your site. Studies show that 75% of people do not even go past the first page of the search results. This means when searching souls search for “church” or “marriage help” in your local community you want your church to be as high as possible on the search engine results. The higher you show on the search results, the better the chances the person searching will find their answer through a local church than any other place.

Church SEO Matters 

The internet represents the single biggest mission field for the 21st century. Those churches whom embrace new technology have the opportunity to experience growth for years to come. But, those churches who shy away from the technological revolution will slowly shed members and fail to attract new ones. Every church should move towards recording their sermons every Sunday. These sermons have the power to live on and help people grow for years to come. Church videos can empower and influence your local community towards health and healing. If your church is willing to upload sermon videos online, Google is ready to increase web traffic to your website.