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The way things stand, new people can't find your existing sermon videos when searching topical Google keywords. This is because of poor Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Also, when new people do somehow find their way to your sermon video page, they are likely to exit before even viewing a video. This is known as a "bounce".

Here’s a plan to make your sermon videos findable in Google searches while encouraging visitors to stick around and view them:

  1. Please answer the questions in the form below.
  2. We'll analyze your answers and present you with a plan based on the size of your church, the size of the city you are in, and the number of active ministries in your church. Our CEO, Jason Hamrock, will personally present the results of the evaluation to your church’s leadership.
  3. If our Sermon Video Library doesn’t make sense for your church, Jason will tell you why. If it does make sense, Jason will give you a proposal that matches your church’s budget and makes your sermons findable in topical Google searches while minimizing bounces.

Because of our deep involvement in ministry, we understand how challenging it is to manage your church’s precious resources. Therefore, we’ll work hard to provide a Sermon Video Library plan that matches your circumstances and keeps your sermon video viewership alive. We’ll help your church be a local authority of Biblical answers to life’s challenges.

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