Many people want to know how to create online Christian sermons. Pastors are realizing that a church’s online presence is more important than ever. Individuals will investigate a church’s website and Facebook page before ever attending their church on a Sunday morning. People will Google the church’s name to find out what it’s about.

Churches with plenty of online content will also be easier to find for those searching online. Google will send those searching for “churches” to those who have a strong online presence. Because of this, churches with the strongest online presence will also enjoy the most attendance by those searching online.

One of the newest and best ways for churches to create online content is through posting sermon videos each week.

Online Christian Sermons

More and more pastors are posting sermon videos online. One reason is the incredible growth of online media use in our country overall. Online Christian sermons are not a fad, but the future of church communication. There are two main reasons online Christian sermons will be important for the future of the church.

Two Reasons Sermon Videos are Important:

Helps you Reach Your Audience: As fewer people attend church regularly, it will be important for churches to find new ways to connect with their congregants. Posting online sermon videos is a great way to connect with congregants who can’t attend church each week. Online Christian sermons will help your congregants feel connected even if they can’t attend physically.

Helps you Reach a New Audience: Online Christian sermon videos will help your church reach a whole new audience. Thousands of people are searching for sermon videos everyday. Your church either has the opportunity to connect with these search souls, or to ignore them. But, they will find and begin watching someone’s sermon videos.

These individuals may be Christians looking for an extra way to learn about God. But, they may also be people searching for answers to life’s deepest questions. Online sermon videos could be the way they hear about God’s love for the first time. Your church’s sermon videos may be the bridge for them to walk over into a new life in Christ.

Creating Online Sermons

There are many ways to record sermons. But, Missional Marketing offers an incredible way to share sermons online. They offer a Video Sermon Library that will optimize each sermon for Google to easily connect those searching to your content. Sermons are also displayed in a sleek, Netflix-like experience. If you are interested in learning more, click HERE.