Creating a Christian video site can help grow your church. It often feels like online videos are everywhere. Americans have begun using words like “binge watching” and “streaming”. Mammoth online video services like Netflix have exploded in popularity while physical brick and mortar stores like Blockbuster have vanished.

People are hungry for new content.Netflix is expanding its 2018 budget by billions of dollars to keep up with the interest in new video content. But, there are some needs Netflix can’t meet in a person’s life. Although they do offer a few Christian movies, they severely lack significant numbers of video sermons. The local church is ripe to build their own Christian video site to meet the needs of individuals online looking for sermon videos.

Creating a Christian Video Site

Many assume creating a Christian video site would be difficult. But, the truth is creating any site today is easier than ever. There are four things your church needs in order to create a site for steaming Christian video.

1. Website. Chances are your church already has a website. Your site may or may not be updated and optimized to increase web traffic (click here to learn more).

2. A Way to Record Sunday Sermons. Recording sermon videos does not have to be complicated or expensive. Some churches even record sermon videos on their phone.

3. Place to Upload Videos. Once you record your sermon videos, you need a place on your church website dedicated to recorded sermons. Your Christian video site should be easy to navigate and visually appealing.

4. A Way to Share Sermon Videos. It’s not enough to simply create or post sermon videos. This Christian media should have the ability to be shared easily. Individuals sharing sermon videos will increase web traffic to your website and ultimately your church.

Here to Help

Your church may have a website and a way to record videos. But, you may need help creating the place on your website for easily shareable sermon videos. The experts at Missional Marketing are here to help. We want to do everything in our power to help your church grow through increased web traffic and effective sermon videos. Click HERE to learn more.