1. How fast can we post the latest sermon?
A: The latest sermon can be posted right away. You can manage your latest message through the WordPress back-end interface, or when submitting the new sermon video for submission to the library, tell us to immediately set it as your latest message – this will happen instantly.
2. Why is it better than our current video page?
A: Putting our personal bias aside… our video library provides a professional video experience with easy navigation for your viewers, that is optimized for search engines, and in turn promotes your church and messages to new audiences.
3. How much does it cost?
A: You can choose two routes: with or without our SEO Transcription. During the initial setup, the cost is $149 per video optimized with our SEO Transcription or $59 per video without for previous sermons. After the initial setup, it is $649 per month for a subscription that includes SEO Transcription processing of all new sermons; or $249 per month without. Note that it is possible to have a mix of videos with and without SEO Transcription as part of your library.
4. What’s the lowest cost way to get it started?
A: The lowest cost way to get started is to forego SEO Transcription, which costs $59 per video. Note that videos that are added to your library without SEO Transcription can be upgraded at a later time.
5. How do we get started?
A: We recommend you get started by filling out a free evaluation to help determine what service level is right for your church.
6. Can I see a sample page?
A: Yes, check out our sample video library here.
7. Does it immediately replace our current sermon video page?
A: Initially, no. Once we have completed initial setup and processed all previous sermon videos that you wish to be part of your library, it can completely replace your existing sermon video page.
8. How long does it take to launch?
A: It takes about two weeks to get everything set to launch. However, it may take longer to process a large number of previous sermon videos, particularly with SEO Transcription. In such a case we would recommend you keep your existing sermon video page active until your new sermon video library has been fully populated.
9. What do you need from our church to do this?
A: Here’s what we need:
Administrative access to the current location of your video content (i.e. Vimeo, YouTube, etc.)
A high resolution copy of your church’s logo
Cover images that are currently associated with your sermon videos/series (if applicable)
10. Is it branded to our church?
A: Yes, we setup your video library page to be branded to your church! Our custom WordPress theme also has many configurable options that you will be able to adjust at your leisure.
11. What is the domain structure of the Video Sermon Library?
A: Your video library will typically be set up as a subdomain of your church’s website: video-library.yourchurch.com.
12. Can we start with nothing but a subscription?
A: Yes, it is possible to start with nothing but a subscription. However, much like Netflix, the sermon video library is significantly more impressive with a large content base to draw from. As such, we’d highly recommend you back-fill at least a portion of your previous sermons.
13. Why does it cost $149 for SEO Transcription?
A: Simply put, because of the large amount of work being performed by our SEO experts. This includes transcribing audio to text, identifying a Focus Keyword, and carefully generating many pieces of video metadata built around the Focus Keyword for that sermon. When you consider that all of this is done for $149, it is really a remarkably low priced service!
14. Why not just do the Netflix-like Experience and omit the SEO Transcription?
A: The Netflix-like Experience is a great way for churches with limited current year budgets to get started. However, we urge all churches to trend toward the SEO Transcription as fast as possible because it allows you to fully leverage the benefit of the sermon content you’ve already created. You can pick and choose the sermons you want transcribed.
15. To lower the cost of the subscription, can we do the SEO Workflow ourselves?
A: The SEO Workflow is detailed, technical, and labor intensive. It typically takes 4 hours to correct and punctuate the transcript and 2 hours to research, write, and enter the metadata. In addition, specialized SEO tools are needed that have a monthly cost that exceed the amount we are charging you for the SEO subscription. Therefore it is not economically feasible for you to do it.
16. What if our church already has transcriptions of our sermons?
A: We’ll use your transcriptions and reduce the one-time cost per previous sermon and monthly subscription rates to $69 and $269 respectively. We will still do the remaining 7 steps of the SEO Transcription workflow.
17. If our church is really entrenched in our current sermon video solution for our members, can we add this Sermon Video Library as an addition to enhance our outreach efforts, rather than a replacement?
A: Yes. All churches can benefit from our SEO even if their internal audience keeps using their existing solution. When it is used in this way, you can also pick and choose the sermons you want transcribed.
18. Why do Google Ad Grant Campaigns perform better with a Sermon Video Library?
A: It is extremely common that churches with a Google Ad Grant are limited by the amount of quality landing pages available to them for their ad campaigns. Because of this, these churches only spend a small fraction of the total amount of grant value that is available to them. Because our Sermon Video Library processes ensure that there is relevant, keyword rich, SEO optimized content and metadata on each sermon page, these pages serve as ideal landing pages for a wide variety of campaign topics: everything you discuss in your sermons.

Find out more about how landing page content influences Google Quality Score for Google Ad Grant campaigns here.