There’s a reason 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day. People love free videos. But, free videos can be more than cute cats playing the piano. Churches are waking up to the potential of this quickly growing technology. Today, many churches offer free church videos. These videos can include announcements, homemade humor, creative bumpers, or sermon videos. One of the largest opportunities the church has for future online growth is in online sermon videos.

Online Opportunity

The sermon is often the central piece of the Sunday morning service. Sermons encourage hearts and help changes lives. Therefore, people often look to the sermon as an opportunity to clearly hear from God each week. Also, pastors spend countless hours crafting each and every sermon. But, the challenge is sermons are often only heard once. A pastor will tirelessly work on a sermon, only to share it once- with a specific audience. Placing sermons online gives every sermon new life. Sermon videos offer opportunities to share every sermon multiple times and with multiple people. In fact, an online sermon can have a much larger reach than the initial time the talk is given.

If your church is looking to expand their reach and effectiveness, consider creating free online sermons.

How to Create Free Church Videos 

Your church can create free church videos in multiple ways. You can use whatever technology you have available to record sermon videos. You could use your smart phone, or any video recorder. Missional Marketing can then help you upload your free church videos online. Our Sermon Video Library is the perfect way to effectively share your free sermon videos with the world. We transcribe each video in order to indicate their subject to Google. Each video is then optimized for search engines. This makes your church’s sermon videos easily searchable online. The Sermon Video Library from Missional Marketing also places your videos in an easy-to-naviate, Netflix-like video experience.

Here to Help 

Missional Marketing wants to help your church share the message of Jesus with the world through online sermon videos. If you are thinking about uploading free church videos, we’d love to help. You can contact us HERE for a free church website evaluation.