Preaching videos are more than just a luxury for large churches; they’re essential for the future of the church. The internet continues to grow day by day. In 2008 there were 172 million websites. Today, there are almost 2 billion and that number is growing by the minute. The internet does not represent a trend or fad; the internet is the future. It also represents the greatest market for new business customers today. Those organizations connecting with people online are growing, while others have fallen behind and become obsolete and even bankrupt.

This same trend is mirrored in the local church. Those churches willing to engage online are prepared for long-term growth and effective ministry. On the other hand, those churches unwilling or unable to impact the internet will eventually become obsolete.

Preparing for the Future

There are many ways a church can prepare for the future by improving their online engagement. A church can write a blog, post to social media, update their website, and engage with members online. Today, an effective church website is essential to the youngest church-goers. A church website acts like a welcome sign over the front door of the church. It’s like the lobby of the church a person enters before physically entering the lobby of the church. Today improving a church’s website is just as essential as making sure the front of the church is updated and inviting. Regularly updating your website and engaging with individuals online shows the online world that you’re alive and making a difference. These are all amazing, if not necessary ways to improve your church’s online presence. But, one of the newest ways to engage with individuals online is through preaching videos.

Preaching Videos

Many churches today record their Sunday sermons and share them online. If your church doesn’t, it’s not difficult to do. Some churches even livestream their sermons through Facebook and other social media outlets. Sharing preaching videos of the Sunday morning sermon online is a helpful way to improve a church’s online presence. Missional Marketing has created a way to easily access your church’s sermon videos online while easily sharing them with the world. Our Sermon Video Library helps your church’s video sermons make an impact online.

First, we make a transcript of your sermon. We don’t necessarily do this so people can have access to the transcript. Instead, these sermons are transcribed so Google understands their content. The better Google understands your video content, the more likely it will be to send people to your site. Then, we format the video under specific keywords. These keywords are what Google uses in their search results. Finally, we make sure the sermon videos are organized well and easy to access. Using these steps, your online preaching videos will immediately improve your church’s online presence.

If your church is looking for an easy way to improve your church’s online presence, consider the Sermon Video Library from Missional Marketing. If you’re interested in learning more, CLICK HERE.