Humans are visual creatures. Our brains were made for visual processing. There’s a reason Netflix will spend up to $13 billion on original content in 2018. When, it comes to online media, there’s no question video reigns supreme. This means video for churches will become increasingly important over the next few years.

Those churches willing to adjust will have the opportunity to ride a wave of technology into the future. But, those unwilling to change may crash on the shore of old and archaic churches. The secret for future church success lives in video for churches.

A church’s online presence has become an essential component for success and growth. Those churches who maintain their online presence through church video and social media have opportunities for growth. On the other hand, those churches who rely on the hope that those living near their building will one day return, continually find themselves disappointed. The future lies in video for churches.

Video for Church

Recording Sunday services has never been easier. Phone video has developed to the point that anyone with a phone can record and share church video. Videos can be streamed live through Facebook or a church website. Videos can also be recorded, optimized for the internet and then shared.

Ideally, Sunday sermons should be optimized and then shared for maximum impact. An optimized Sunday sermon will be transcribed. The goal isn’t to have the sermon written out, but to help Google understand the content of the sermon. Once Google understands the nature of the sermon, it is more likely to send those searching for that specific subject to your church’s site.

Once an optimized video is shared online, it can be shared in any social media. The more the video is shared, the more often Google will send those searching for that subject to your website.

The Future is Now 

If your church is thinking through ways to prepare for future growth, then consider adding videos for your church. Your church should begin recording every Sunday sermon and posting them online. The experts at Missional Marketing would love to help your church transition into the online revolution. We can help your church create an online sermon video library that is sure to increase traffic to your church website and ultimately your church.