Streaming online media is everywhere these days. It feels like every organization is trying to find new ways to share content with customers. Netflix reigns supreme, but companies like Disney, Youtube, CBS, and even DC Comics are creating their own content streaming services. But, what about the church? Are churches finding new ways to help congregants watch sermons online?

While companies continually strive to keep up with the growing world of online content, the church is often falling behind. Unfortunately, similar to companies unwilling to keep up with technical trends, churches unwilling to improve their online presence will eventually be forced to close their doors.

Church Attendance in Decline

Fewer people are physically attending churches than a decade ago. Research by the Evangelical Covenant Church  found less that 20% of Americans attend church on a regular basis. Church attendance is in decline with only 6% of churches experiencing growth. Unfortunately, Sunday church attendance decline is not a fad. It appears this trend will continue for years to come. Therefore, churches and pastors must find new ways to engage congregants and the spiritually searching.

Watch Sermons Online

Americans love watching content online. Netflix is spending $8 billion in new content in 2018! Clearly, there is a hunger for original streaming video content online. The church has an amazing opportunity to share sermons with those hungry few content. If individuals are struggling to physically attend church, but are interested in Christian content, your church can help people watch sermons online for free.

Free sermon videos are an excellent way to share content with congregants. People are already inclined to watch videos online, so why not help them watch sermons online? Free sermon videos will give people an opportunity to develop their faith at home, anytime they want.

The convenience of free sermon videos will help congregants watch sermons online throughout the week. Streaming sermon videos will actually increase the effectiveness and reach of your church’s sermons. Instead of only reaching those who physically attend church each Sunday, your church will have the opportunity to reach countless people online each week!

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